Slut Puppet

by Perverted Justice

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released August 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Perverted Justice Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Back On The Blade
It's what I like
it's what I do for fun
Still have my mirror
& I've still got my cum
When the earth cracks open
young lovers are swallowed first
When their egos crack open
young pride will quench my thirst
They're trying hard to try
I'm still trying hard to die
So I'm back on the blade
Track Name: Slut Puppet
You're a slut when you're on the go
you're a slut when you're at the show
you're a slut when you want some blow
you're a slut 'cause you can't say no

You're a slut when you're on the scene
you're a slut when your dad's too mean
you're a slut you fucking tease
you're a slut and you wreak of sleaze

I'm a slut, but it's ok
we're all sluts, we're fucked that way
dirty knees, social decay
Slut ist krieg
Slut for pay

You're as charming as a cumbucket
so open wide, it's time to suck it
spread your legs
and let them fuck it

Enough of your shit
get on my lap
sit on my hand
I'll sit on your face


Slut Puppet
Track Name: I Need A Mirror To Get Off
Fuck for confidence
Fuck your friends
Fuck yourself
And fuck the trends

Fuck for you
Don’t fuck for me
Fuck because
It’ll set you free

Fuck the poor
Then fuck the rich
Fuck their parents
And Fuck their kids

Fuck the brave
and fuck the cowards
Fuck for feelings
Fuck for power

Fuck for the left
And Fuck for your rights
Fuck today
And fuck all night

Fuck to win
And Fuck to lose
Fuck for guestlist
Fuck for shoes

Fuck for fun
And Fuck for glory
Fuck for the shame
Fuck for the story

Fuck for better
Fuck for worse
We’re fucked into existence
I’ll fuck into the hearse!

I need a mirror to get off xxx